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Souls of Men

Veteran Detective Inspector Elaine Hope knows she was born to be a detective. Now she's taken over a bungled case and released the only suspect. Her male superiors in the London Metropolitan Police doubt her, and London's tabloids scream for a scapegoat.

None of them can stop her. Finding the truth is all that matters to Elaine. She forges ahead, standing up to her bosses, bad cops, and murderous crooks. Each has reason to fear her. Elaine's life gets more complicated when a former suspect shows romantic interest. He won’t reveal his personal tragedies to anyone but Elaine, and she has her own secrets.

 As Elaine and her protégé, Liz Barker, track the killer through wintery London boroughs, darker hunters join the chase. When she finally confronts her quarry face-to-face, Elaine discovers how desires can mold the souls of men, and how one terrifying night will change her life forever.

Two Faced

Detective Chief Inspector Elaine Hope still bears the physical and emotional scars of the devastating assault that nearly ended her life nine months ago. Now, she wants two things: to salvage a police career in tatters, and payback. But who is the ultimate culprit? The capo of the Srecko crime family, who tried to kill her? A traitor within the London Metropolitan Police, who failed to send backup? 
Put on desk duty while she continues to recover, Elaine continues her rogue investigation in secret. She keeps a crime chart on her bedroom wall, schedules clandestine meetings, and tracks suspects.

Given her mounting paranoia, is Elaine becoming delusional? Is she now a danger to herself and others? Has her erratic behaviour driven Peter, her lover, away from her for good?

In an effort to save her career—and her sanity—she begins grasping at straws. Her superior officer at the Met gives her one last chance to save her job. She must uncover corruption within a murder investigation team. As she finds reason to doubt her superior’s motives, Elaine moves ever closer to the edge. To succeed in the case, she must look deeply into her own heart of darkness and decide who she really is, and where her future lies, if she has one. 

Coming in Summer 2019 ...
If I Can't Have You
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