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Praise for SOULS OF MEN

"In this smart, dark debut, A.R. Ashworth dishes up a gritty, satisfying plate of murder, greed, and psychopathology. The good guys are flawed in wonderfully human ways. And the bad guys? Evil to the bone. Souls of Men is a whirlpool of tension that circles inevitably toward both truth and tragedy, with an ending that will leave readers craving for the next offering in the series."   - William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author of the Cork O'Connor mysteries, and the Edgar winning novel "Ordinary Grace"

"The beating death of 15-year-old Sheila Watson in East London propels Ashworth's strong debut…This is a procedural with heart, yet it doesn’t shy away from the dark.”   - Publisher's Weekly


"A solid British procedural debut…A strong choice for fans of Deborah Crombie”  -- Library Journal


“This was an excellent, exciting read with a brilliant plot line…this is going to be an exciting series. Looking forward to the next one.”

“The character-driven bits and the plot are nicely interwoven with a plethora of female characters. I was happy to discover that this is a mystery that holds up to re-reading; I might have known the outcome, but I was still fascinated in the journey.”

“Hope is a realistic mixture of gritty and vulnerable. Ashworth's…ability to portray Elaine Hope as the beautifully flawed woman she is made it possible for me to emotionally connect with her. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense, richly drawn characters, and a female protagonist who is strong without being a bitch and vulnerable without being a victim.”  --Goodreads reviews

Praise for Two Faced

"...there is something of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander in Elaine Hope—both are determined women who have faced the worst humankind has to offer but won’t stop fighting for good. A series to watch." - Karen Keefe, Booklist

“Two Faced is a fast-paced book with engaging characters a reader can care about, even when they screw up big time. The procedures in this British procedural are easy to follow and don't slow the plot down. Highly recommended.”

“Ashworth has gone deeper with this book, exploring the underside of human nature in a way that makes the story throb with life. His women are strong, always evolving in ways that test their truest selves. This is one suspense novel that is so finely tuned and rich with credible characters that it will stay with me a good long while.”

“This tale has so much intrigue and suspense. A wonderful sequel to the original book, Souls of Men.”

“This book did not disappoint… A well plotted procedural with a great array of characters and lots of possible outcomes. What's not to like?!” - Goodreads reviews

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