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Book Club Discussion

Book Club Discussion Questions for SOULS OF MEN, by A. R. Ashworth


  1. Talk about Elaine Hope. What are your impressions of her based on the initial scene in the novel?

  2. Based on Elaine’s public persona and private rituals, discuss your feelings about Elaine’s motivations. Why is she a cop? Why are her personal relationships unsuccessful?

  3. Discuss Elaine’s relationships with the main members of her homicide team, in particular detectives Liz Barker and Philip Bull.

  4. How would you describe Peter Willend? Why is he vague during interrogation about how his wife and daughter died?

  5. What do you think prompted Peter’s attraction to Elaine? Why is he so persistent?

  6. The Jenkins character haunts Elaine throughout the book. Did your feelings about him change as the book went on?

  7. What drove Elaine to break one of the prime police rules and enter the brothel without backup? Did something in her past make it inevitable?

  8. How do Peter’s PTSD symptoms throughout the book compare with those of Elaine at the end of the book? Are they comparable?

  9. How does Elaine change over the course of the book?


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